Manual Therapy


Manual therapy is part of our philosophy at Hands on Physiotherapy. We do not like machines and passive fitness equipment that do not act on the very cause of the problem and usually have temporarily results. We believe in the healing properties of the hands and use them to detect the problem in the body.


Together with your history and an understanding of your way of moving, we find the root of the issue. By combining our expertise in manual therapy with the above elements, we mobilize muscles, skin, joints and nerves. In this way we help you get healthy quickly for the long run!


It comes from Chinese Medicine, where the body is considered to be a complex mosaic of energy centers and meridians. According to this philosophy, during acupuncture the energy is transferred from surplus areas to energy-scarce areas.

The view of the Western type of acupuncture is that it may positively affect the receptors (i.e. the nerves) by making them less sensitive. In simple terms helping to reduce pain. It also helps to release endorphins and improve local blood circulation.

In Hands on Physiotherapy we usually use acupuncture in case of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries and to deal with chronic back pain.

Therapeutic Exercise

At Hands on Physiotherapy we love exercise and we consider it an integral part of your recovery process! But because exercise can be risky, we prefer it tailor-made and properly supervised.

We believe in the importance of exercise and we do not support stopping in cases of injury. From the very first session together, we'll find ways to help you through exercises that we design specifically for you. You will get a home exercise program that is tailored to stay active while healing.


By following this, you will see your symptoms decrease, your mood boost and your health improving fast!

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain can have a big affect on your daily life. Not only on your physical performance, but also on your mental state.

Several factors create chronic pain: excessive anxiety, past similar incidents, bad advice or an inadequate recovery plan are just some of them.


At Hands on Physiotherapy we help you understand your pain and symptoms. We also provide you with the knowledge, skills and exercises to cope with the chronic issue and return to your best self!

Work Ergonomics

Let's face it: most of us spend the majority of the day in an office or performing a monotonous job while we know that we are not 'designed' for it. The way we work can lead to injuries that may accompany us for a long time. Habits hardly change without motivation.


Here lies our role at the Hands on Physiotherapy center. We help you find a good posture at the office or workplace. We also provide tips and exercises that activate muscles and joints which are essential to accomplishing your tasks and preventing injuries and dysfunctions.


Do you want to make sure everybody at your office has the correct posture? You can book us for corporate presentations and workplace assessments.


Sports Rehabilitation and Pre-habilitation

Whether acute or chronic, the key to treating a sports injury is to find its' source. Our experience from engaging in combat sports and athletics, has taught us that rehabilitation must be personalised, whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior.


At Hands on Physiotherapy we will analyse your injury, the way you exercise and your patterns. Together we will find out how you can overcome the issue so that you can continue to enjoy your activity!


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