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Giannis Kaloudis Physiotherapist

MSc, Manual Therapist, MACP, AACP

I graduated from the physiotherapy department of the University of Thessaloniki in 2006. I gained special interest and I decided to specialize in the evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular lesions and diseases.   

I have lived and worked for a number of years in Great Britain, where I obtained a postgraduate degree in manual therapy from the University of Birmingham and later a membership  of the manual therapists association and the association of UK physiotherapists-acupuncturists.

My contact with the country's multicultural environment taught me the importance of culture, personal qualities an well as expectations of each patient in the course of their rehabilitation. I worked in the public and private sector of the UK health care system with emphasis on the tratment of spinal and peripheral joint dysfunction but also management of chronic pain.

Upon my return to Greece, I decided to operate my own clinic, with British standards: personalized treatments with an emphasis on individual improvement through holistic interventions.

I believe that knowledge should be generously offered and that teaching is an integral part of the science of physiotherapy in its attempt to move forward. Therefore, I am pleased to support my parallel work as a visiting lecturer of the Physiotherapy Department of the TEI of Patra and at private universities in the city of Athens.

  In my spare time, I actively engage in sports. I believe that in order to help an athlete come back, you must have been yourself in their place. I have been a track athlete in the past but i have recently taken up on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a sport that, in addition to physical exercise, promotes self-discipline and self-esteem. I have suffered enough injuries to appreciate the importance of appropriate rehabilitation and the trainee's psychology state. Furthermore, I understand the benefits of exercise and the importance of engaging in activities that bring physical and mental balance. Therefore, I do not believe, as is often suggested, in ceasing sports activity during injury  but in a modification of it so that the trainee can continue to enjoy the benefits of sports during recovery.


The clinic

The 'Hands On Physiotherapy' clinic is  right in the hisotric centre of Athens, conveniently located between the 'Syntagma' and 'Panepistimio' underground Stations, making access easy and fast.

We only use apparatus proven, evidence based action on specific diseases and injuries. In general, our interventions include a combination of therapeutic approaches with an emphasis on pain relief and exercisethat will help you become and stay healthy!

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