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HandsOn Physiotherapy

Manual And Functional physiotherapy
Tailored Rehabilitation


At the Hands on Physiotherapy center, our role is simple: to evaluate, diagnose and tackle a wide range of musculoskeletal diseases and injuries.

We use scientifically proven methods of manual therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic exercise and counseling, always tailored to your personal needs. Treatments are individual, with an emphasis on encouragement and functional recovery, with a view to a faster return to your previous activities.

Our philosophy is based on quick and permanent rehabilitation without unnecessary visits for passive means of treatment. This is our 'reward' for the hard work we put into making it all happen!

Physiotherapy is both a treatment and a profession. Therefore, it can be of high or low value.

So either if you live in Athens or you are here just for a short time: don't let a bad back or sore neck ruin your day and trust the high quality services provided at Hands on Physiotherapy.



 Testimonials ★★★★★

Ioannis definetly saved my trip. I had a terrible back pain right after arriving. He really took the time to help and showed me some improvement exercises. The next day I could sleep peacefully. Thanks again! Hope you can visit Peru soon!

Natalia Nuñez

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